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Bed Time Magnesium Spray

Bed Time Magnesium Spray

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Highlighting Relaxation and Sleep

Drift into Dreams with Our Enhanced Bedtime Magnesium Spray:

This soothing mist, now enriched with natural plant oils and calming essential oils, delivers even deeper relaxation and a more luxurious sleep experience.

Infused with:

    • Jojoba Oil: This nourishing oil absorbs easily, keeping your skin hydrated and soft while enhancing the absorption of magnesium.
    • Vegetable Glycerin: Naturally humectant, it draws moisture to your skin for additional comfort and a silky feel.
    • Lavender Essential Oil: Renowned for its calming properties, lavender's gentle aroma lulls your mind and body into peaceful slumber.
    • Frankincense Essential Oil: This grounding oil promotes serenity and reduces stress, creating a tranquil atmosphere for sleep.

Experience the difference:

    • Deeper relaxation and stress relief
    • Enhanced sleep quality and duration
    • Luxurious, spa-like experience
    • Nourishing and moisturizing for your skin

Same simple steps:

    1. Shake the bottle.
    2. Spray onto your skin (avoiding the face).
    3. Massage it in until absorbed.
    4. Breathe deeply and unwind.

Repeat in the morning for an extra dose of calm.

Rest assured:

    • Eco-friendly recyclable aluminum bottle
    • Gentle on most skin types (test on a small area first)

Indulge in a truly restorative sleep experience with our enhanced Bedtime Magnesium Spray. Embrace tranquility, wake refreshed, and feel your best all day long.

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